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THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Q1 2018: KOCH MEDIA DRIVE SALES IN Q1, EBIT INCREASED 236% TO SEK 107 MILLION

Our business continues to grow; net sales increased by 673% to SEK 633 million in the quarter, mainly thanks to Koch Media, which was acquired and consolidated on February 14. Excluding Koch Media, net sales were up 64% to SEK 135 million. EBITDA was up 439% to SEK 226 million and EBIT increased by 236% to SEK 107 million compared to the same period last year. Excluding Koch Media, EBIT was up 54% to SEK 49 million. Koch Media is by far our largest acquisition to date and confirms our focus on creating value for our shareholders. With this transaction, we took a great step forward to further build a diversified, substantial and relevant player within the growing games industry. We got off to a great start together with the Deep Silver release of Kingdom Come Deliverance. I’m also happy to inform that Deep Silver will be publishing the upcoming RPG’s Wasteland 3 and Bards Tale IV. Both games are developed by InXile, a California-based studio founded by the industry legend Brian Fargo. Along with them, we are all looking forward to Deep Silver’s next key release, Metro Exodus, now expected in Q1 2019. The THQ Nordic GmbH operations also had a good quarter with five new releases including MX vs ATV: All Out, our in-house developed sequel, released at the end of the quarter. Revenues for the THQ Nordic GmbH operations were 135 million, an increase by 68% compared to the same quarter last year. Their next key releases, Biomutant and Darksiders 3, are still under evaluation for setting a release date. I expect the future of our well invested pipeline of products – currently at a record 54 ongoing projects – to generate growing revenues and improved profitability. In order to make the best possible return on our investments and to continue building IP value I would like to restate the importance that we are patient to deliver the expected customer experience along with finding the right release window for up-coming releases. Meanwhile, we continue to evaluate further investments into game development projetcs for key IPs along with further potential acqusitions or strategic partnerships that could add considerable value for the group and its shareholders. Stay tuned. – LARS WINGEFORS, FOUNDER & CEO

THQ Nordic interim report Q1 2018


THQ Nordic publishes annual report for 2017

THQ Nordic AB (publ) today publishes its Annual Report for 2017. The full Annual Report is available in Swedish for downloading on:

THQ Nordic AB (publ) Annual Report 2017


THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Q4 2017

THQ NORDIC Q4 EBIT INCREASED BY 102% I’m proud of the whole THQ Nordic organisation, including our contracting developers and business partners, which has performed its most active quarter ever. We had a significant release activity in the quarter with eleven releases of which nine on own IPs. 74% of net sales came from new releases in the quarter and 26% from our back catalogue. I’m happy to note that 82% of net sales in the fourth quarter came from owned titles and 18% from publishing titles. During the quarter, we also delivered our first in-house developed sequels to the market. Their overall performance has matched management expectations. Our new IP ELEX was well received by the fans but received mixed reviews from various media outlets due to its unique character and harsh style. Our business grew rapidly; net sales increased by 99% to SEK 255 million in the quarter, EBITDA was up 157% to SEK 156 million and EBIT increased by 102% to SEK 102 million compared to the same period last year. In November we acquired and welcomed the Stockholm based development studio Experiment 101 to the THQ Nordic family. They are developing one of our upcoming key titles: Biomutant. THQ Nordic has a solid growth strategy and a great position in the market which we will leverage over the coming years. I’m really looking forward to 2018, we will keep the excitement going. – LARS WINGEFORS, FOUNDER & CEO

THQ Nordic Q4 2017


THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Q3 for 2017




THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Q2 for 2017

PROMOTIONS DRIVE SALES, EBIT INCREASED BY 113% We continue to capitalize on the scalability of our asset care business model. 77% of revenue is generated from our own IP’s. Net sales increased by 62% to SEK 85.6 m during the quarter, and EBIT increased 113% to SEK 30.3 m, corresponding to an EBIT margin of 35%. Notably, sales of the previously released Darksiders games were strong, driven by promotions in May when we announced the upcoming Darksiders III. This illustrates how we increase the value of our existing catalogue by developing sequels that boost sales of previous titles. The publishing and development teams are all very excited about the upcoming Gamescom tradeshow in Cologne, where we will present playable versions of upcoming sequels. We are confident about our continued progress in the second half of the year, with a major portion of the sales anticipated in the fourth quarter due to planned release dates and normal seasonality. – LARS WINGEFORS, FOUNDER & CEO



THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Q1 for 2017

THQ NORDIC AT FULL SPEED, NET SALES INCREASED BY 90% We deliver great results by capitalizing on our portfolio of acquired franchises according to our business model. There is a great momentum delivering new releases under our asset care program and we had five releases in the first quarter. We are still building up the portfolio of development and in total we had 32 projects ongoing by the end of the quarter. Our first sequels will be finalised and released during the second half of 2017. Our growing publishing team in Vienna is leading the organisation to deliver on our full release schedule for the third and fourth quarter. It will be an intense period of sales, PR, marketing and distribution. After the quarter we announced Darksiders III, a sequel of one of our largest franchises. The feedback from the fans and gaming press have in general been positive. It is developed by parts of the original team of creators at Gunfire Games in Austin. The game is planned to be released during 2018. Financially, we continued to deliver growth and profitability during the first quarter. Net sales increased by 90% to SEK 81.9 m and EBIT increased by 125% to SEK 31.9 m resulting in an EBIT margin of 39%. This is a great achievement, however, I would like to state that we are still a small player in a large industry. – LARS WINGEFORS, FOUNDER & CEO



THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes annual report for 2016

Annual report for THQ Nordic 2016 will be attached in this press release and is available for downloading on



THQ Nordic AB (publ) publishes Year-End Report 2016

THQ NORDIC CONTINUES TO DELIVER STRONG GROWTH We are continuing to deliver strong sales and profitability growth by executing on our core business model, which explores our well-diversified portfolio of franchises. The main driver in the quarter was continued successful promotions of our broad catalogue of IPs, on digital channels as Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. THQ Nordic had a successful IPO on Nasdaq First North Stockholm, attracting high demand from Swedish and international institutions, as well as retail investors. The available offering was 19 times oversubscribed. We are now looking forward to the second half of 2017, when we will release our first major sequels of our own IPs, plus some major publishing releases. – LARS WINGEFORS, FOUNDER & CEO